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Name:All Cake and No Clothes
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Community description:cake, fanfic, fan fiction,
This comm was set up to create a home for cake!fic and let it expand into other fandoms. Let there be cake!fic of all kinds.

The genre/meme originated from a typo and is down to the wonderful and talented clocketpatch and the denizens of the forum Death By Aspirin. The basic ingredients are: the Tenth Doctor, naked but for Three's cape, covered in cake and chained to the Third Doctor. Optionally, it is all the fault of the Master. To join in, simply create a fanwork based on this premise. Any variations and flavours of cake are welcome. (You can find the original collection of stories here).

So, basically, to translate into another fandom: character X, naked, covered in cake (except for 1 item of clothing) and chained to character Y. Optionally, it is all the fault of character Z (their nemesis should they have one).

But basically, anything fannish and cake related can be posted here. Fannishness makes the world a cheerier place (most of the time). So does cake. Why not combine them? Recs for other cake!fics found out in the wild, fannishly appropriate cake recipes, podfic or art of cake!fic - all are welcome here.

The rules are: be nice and no bashing of any fandoms/ships/characters.
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